Florida Man Schwag is Rolling In! Fulfillment is Imminent…


Just a brief update to let you know that the stickers, postcards, beach towels, t-shirts, posters, original artwork, and lunchboxes are all now in our studios and ready to begin fulfillment. The only thing we’re waiting for now are the books themselves! API, our American printer, has informed us that the soonest they’ll be able to begin printing is on April 30th. It’s currently school annual season, which they do a ton of, so we fall just after that assignment. We expect to begin fulfillment in earnest by the 2nd week of May.


Anyone who only ordered non-autographed books (physical or digital) will see their orders fulfilled first. Followed by our retailers, and then followed by the beach party bundles with autographed copies. Mike and Chris will meet in an undisclosed location so Mike can autograph those items that 2nd weekend in May. Afterwards, all the remaining books will be shipped.


Speaking of the books, we’ve opted to upgrade the book binding to smythe sewn, so that you receive a library quality graphic novel that is constructed to last. Smythe sewn refers to the centuries old book binding technique and books that use it are durable and made to be handled a lot and open flat. So now you can lend the book to a friend without worrying about them trashing it… maybe. Depends on your friends I guess.


When you get your stuff, share a tweet or social media post using the #FloridaManComics hashtag and be the envy of all your friends!



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