Fantasy Focus Interview with Writer Mike Baron

Mike Baron is a legend in the world of comic books. Not only did he write the original ongoing Punisher series, which influenced so many future writers, and introduced many characters and mythos that remain true to the character to this day. Not only did he introduce an entire generation to Wally West as The Flash, but he is also the two-time Eisner Award winning creator, along with artist Steve Rude, of Nexus, one of the longest running creator owned series of all time.


I had the chance to talk to Mike about his career in comics including his work at Marvel and DC, and his two most popular creations, Nexus and The Badger. We also talked about his more recent work as a novelist, focusing on his hilarious satirical Florida Man series, and the novelization of his comics work.


Enjoy my interview with Mike Baron! Read the full interview here

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