Florida Man vs. Hogzilla


Florida Man vs. Hogzilla – Florida Man is back and he’s taking on the legendary wild pig – Hogzilla!

A 72-page, riotously funny, heart-felt tale of the quintessential Florida Man! After becoming the number one selling comic at American Mythology Productions last year, Florida Man is back – and his misadventure is even crazier than before.

Written by Mike Baron
Penciled by Matthew Weldon
Inks & Finishes by Marcelo Salaza
Colors by Marcio Freire
Letters by Carlos M. Manguel

Wrap-around cover art by Matthew Weldon & Kelsey Shannon


“Mike Baron has crafted a comic masterpiece… Unforgettable, colorful cast, sustained comedy gold on every page.” —Chuck Dixon

“Florida Man vs. Hogzilla is the f*cking ‘Spinal Tap’ of comic books. It takes the ambiguously wild concept that is ‘Florida Man’ and turns it up to eleven!” —Nickweiser

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